Introduction to Admiral Yi Sun Shin

“Those who seek death shall live. Those who seek life shall die.” -Admiral Yi Sun Shin   Yi Sun Shin: A Korean national hero whose victories successfully repelled the Japanese invasions of Joseon. Through his victories, but also his life full of adversity, he became an exemplar of perseverance, sacrifice, and leadership to Korea. Throughout his career, he stopped four Japanese invasions that could have … Continue reading Introduction to Admiral Yi Sun Shin

University Comparison (Dentistry)

UBC UT University of Michigan Observations Prerequisites 6 credits for English, Chemistry, Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry. CASPer Test, DAT exam Required (Amount of credits required varies): General BioChemistry, General Mammalian, Life Sciences(two years of any), Humanities/English, GPA of 3.0 (university), DAT exam None are required. However is strongly encouraged. Biochemistry, Microbiology, Psychology, Sociology, English Composition, Biology with labs, Genera, General Chemistry with labs, Organic … Continue reading University Comparison (Dentistry)

3 Career Comparison

Dentist Medical Technician Lawyer Salary 27k-215k 70k (depends on rank, training, qualifications) 87.5k Education One to four years of pre-dentistry university studies,Dentists in general practice can move into a specialized practice through advanced training. Maintenance of Clinical Skills Program, Canadian Forces Medical Service School, Highschool Diploma, Basic Military Qualification (Land) Two to three of undergraduate studies, bachelor’s degree from a recognized law school, bar examination, … Continue reading 3 Career Comparison

“Yorktown” DOL

A. Character Development Synopsis “Yorktown” by Lin Manuel Miranda paints a colourful image of the Battle of Yorktown and the “world turning upside down.” From the song “Guns and Ships” we learn that Hamilton has been promoted to lead a battalion to Redoubt 10 with the intention to force a British surrender.  Later in the song, Hamilton says, “till the world turns upside down” (Hamilton). … Continue reading “Yorktown” DOL

Social Studies Inquiry

    To what extent did colonization benefit or damage the indigenous people (Wendat)? A.Significance The focus of my inquiry is to grasp the impact that colonization had on the indigenous people of Canada, and more specifically, the Wendat people. The overarching focus of my inquiry is to learn about the colonization of Canada, through the lens of an Indigenous person. I find it very … Continue reading Social Studies Inquiry